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Environment Policy

The Asian Eye Institute is committed to ensuring the protection of the environment while providing the highest quality eye care and support services to all its patients.

To achieve this, Asian Eye shall:

  • Protect the environment by conserving resources and minimizing waste through recycling and optimum utilization of water, electricity, paper and ink;
  • Promote environmental awareness that would increase public awareness through information education campaigns;
  • Prevent pollution through proper management of generated wastes;
  • Integrate environment considerations into business planning, decision-making and daily activities;
  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for waste segregation and waste minimization and prevent the generation of pollution as a result of its business activities; and
  • Establish, review and improve management systems and procedures in our organization to ensure environment protection.

This policy builds on our mission of quality service and continual improvement. All staff are responsible for making this policy a way of life to ensure a sound environment at all times.