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Asian Eye Institute Cornea and Refractive Fellowship

Duration: 15 months
Number of Trainees: 2 to 3 fellows per year
About the Program: The program is a 15-month clinical and research fellowship that is divided between comprehensive consultations and medical and surgical care of routine, complex and high-risk anterior segment disorders, such as corneal infections, corneal transplantation, post-cataract and post-LASIK complications.



• Exposure to LASIK, PRK, phakic intraocular lenses, presbyopia procedures, such as corneal inlay and Supracor LASIK, and a wide spectrum of intraocular lenses, such as aspheric, toric, trifocal, multi-focal and extended depth of focus IOLs
• Hands-on training on Victus Femtosecond Laser and Technolas Excimer Laser
• Competency in evaluating refractive candidates
• Active role in intra-operative and post-operative care of refractive patients
• Participation in clinical research projects – from planning to publishing
• Surgeries (allocated in a graded-fashion of responsibility)
• Monthly stipend



1. Certificate of graduation from a residency training program in Ophthalmology (photocopy)
2. Updated CV
3. Letter of intent
4. Two (2) letters of recommendation from previous instructors


Send to:

Robert Edward Ang, M.D.
Head of Cornea and Refractive Service
8th floor Asian Eye Institute, Phinma Plaza, Rockwell Center, Makati City
Email: angbobby@hotmail.com



Asian Eye Institute Glaucoma Fellowship


  • First fellowship program at AEI Established in  2006
  • One-year Research and Clinical Fellowship recognized by the Philippine Glaucoma Society (PGS) and International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO)
  • Extensive hands-on exposure to service and private patients with close supervision
  • Work opportunity as AEI consultant staff after fellowship
  • Primary surgeon in ALL Glaucoma service patients
  • Guaranteed at least fifty (50) procedures as primary surgeon (cataract, glaucoma,
    surgeries & lasers)
  • Research opportunity as investigator and co-author in investigator-led and industry-
    sponsored projects including attendance to local and international investigator meetings
  • Intensive didactic lectures in basic and advanced glaucoma diagnostics and treatment including teaching sessions with residents
  • Inclusive of allowance and paid leaves




  1. Current CV with photo
  2. Personal statement on choice of glaucoma as a subspecialty.
  3. PBO and PRC certificate
  4. Letters of recommendation from 3 mentors with first hand interaction.


Addressed to :  Edgar U. Leuenberger , MD , DPBO, Director , Glaucoma Fellowship Program, AEI  (may be submitted after the interview )

For inquiries , contact : 898-2020 loc 410



Asian Eye Institute Retina Fellowship

Duration: One year

Number of Trainees: Two (2) Fellows per year

Objective: The program aims to train the fellow in expertly handling the management of medical retinal diseases




  • Established in 2007
  • Exposure to the diagnosis and treatment of various non-surgical retinal conditions in the clinics
  • Competency in the utilization and interpretation of retinal imaging (Fluorescein and Indocyanine Green Angiography, Ocular Coherence Tomography, B scan ultrasonography)
  • Training to perform intraocular injection therapy, retinal laser (PRP, FLT, PDT)
  • Monthly Fellowship Rounds with discussion of basic and clinical medical retinal cases
  • Periodic written and oral examinations
  • Participation in clinical research with presentation of fellow/investigator-initiated research paper at the end of the fellowship program
  • With monthly stipend
  • Application deadline: December 12, 2016



1.Certificate of graduation from a residency training program in Ophthalmology (photocopy)

2.Updated CV

3.Letter of intent

4.Two (2) letters of recommendation

5.Valid PRC license (photocopy)


Send to:


Amadeo Veloso, Jr. MD.

Head of Retina Service

9th floor Asian Eye Institute, Phinma Plaza, Rockwell Center, Makati City

Email: AAVeloso@asianeyeinstitute.com